Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toulouse Petit - Seattle

Social media can be a beautiful thing.   You can share with friends all over the world or connect with a complete stranger a block away. The stranger thing can be fun or scary - depends on the stranger.
After seeing a friend check-in and post pictures from Toulouse Petit when she was in Seattle, I asked her if she would recommend it and the answer was a definitive yes!   We didn't have much on the agenda when our plane landed, but breakfast here made the short list.  
I love going out for breakfast, but I don't like getting up early on a day off to do it.
Fortunately on this vacation we never got to breakfast before 10am.
They have breakfast happy hour! 
That's right.   Breakfast happy hour.   Monday - Friday from 8am-11am.  

This is the Dungeness Crab with Fine Herbes (yes, herbes with an e)
Savory awesomeness.  
In the background is the Creme Caramel French Toast. 
Yum again.

Beignets with chicory cafe anglaise
Just saying beignet makes you a classier person 

What was the last place you tried based on a friend's recommendation? 

*apparently total strangers agree about this restaurant as well - it's currently ranked #8 of over 2,000 restaurants in Seattle on Trip Advisor

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