Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farmers Market Omelette (Road Trip Recovery)

I took a road trip to New Mexico for the holiday weekend.     Naturally food and drink (along with sun, pool time and friends) were on the very unscripted agenda.    We knew that we would eat.   We didn't always know where.   We knew it would likely include chile.    We knew that we would indulge in some cocktails.   We didn't know that would include prickly pear margaritas. 

Mole Enchiladas at Casa Chimayo
German Chocolate Whoopie Pie

Now I'm back to the real world.   And my kitchen.   I've got "vacation is over and now I have to eat and cook like a real person" -itis.   So it was time to ease back into things with an omelette.    A quick and easy dinner choice - I was thinking about it in the car and it was done with a fork in it about 10 minutes after I pulled into the garage.

I say farmers market because I used ingredients from my recent visits:  Goat Chevre, Citrus Pesto, Pine Nuts (straight from the roadtrip) and Basil.    Take what you have on hand, whether its from the farmers market or your favorite grocery store and omelette away!

What You Need
2 eggs (per omelette)
salt, pepper, hot sauce, spices to taste
a splash of water
omelette fixings:  veggies, cheese, herbs, meat

What You Do
The good news is that an omelette always tastes good, even if it isn't Sunday brunch at a fancy restaurant pretty.   The first couple times, if it doesn't go well, you'll end up with scrambled harm there.   Practice makes better (perfect is a rough standard...especially post vacation).  

You want to use a small fry pan - often sold as a omelette pan (maybe 6-8 inches at across the bottom).     Preheat the pan on the stove before starting to cook - medium is good.

I once had a roommate say that if you clean your non-stick pan properly (meaning just water), you'll never need to use oil/butter/cooking spray.     I still used a little cooking spray.

In a small bowl, break your two eggs, add a splash of water and your herbs/spices and whisk with a fork.    Pour egg mixture into your pan that is already pre-heated.    Use a spatula to push the edges in so that the liquid spreads to the edges so that all the egg cooks and you don't have scary runny whites in the middle.   Once the majority of the egg is cooked/set, add your fillings.    Allow the omelette to cook for just a minute or two - long enough to melt the cheese.    

Use the spatula to gently pick up half the omelette to fold over the side.   This also gives you one last chance for remaining egg or cheese to ooze to the edge and cook.  Let cook for a minute or so.          Slide your omelette onto a plate.

That's all.   

If you can't have margaritas, "Christmas" chile, or fancy desserts, at least you can have an omelette.

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