Saturday, June 25, 2016

Now with more San Diego!

Aloha Friends!

The last three months have sped by at record speed.   At the end of March, I started the interview process for a promotion & transfer.  In mid-April I had a job offer, and in mid-May all my stuff  was put on a ship, they put me on a plane and BAM here I am in San Diego.

Umm...that is the simplified version.  
The long version included hugs, tears, cleaning, cocktails, packing, leis, ziplines, volcanoes, teppanyaki and a pie in the face.

The teppanyaki in question
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Lahaina

In Maui we, rightfully so, referred to our island home as paradise.    Residents of San Diego also consider their home paradise.    So which one is it?


San Diego

I'm going to find out.  

If I'm lucky, they are both equally awesome.   That's my feeling so far.

Last week, I made my first new recipe in my new kitchen:   Coconut Pound Cake.   Before I could make anything,  I had to stock my new kitchen.  The recipe came from The View from Great Island and it was so good.   

I've started a new restaurant list for San Diego, of course.    There are so many great neighborhoods and I'm excited to explore and dine my way around the city.    If you are Maui bound, my restaurant list there is up to date too.

San Diego Eats List
Maui Eats List 

This deliciousness can be found at
Mastiff in the Liberty Public Market
If you have recommendations of things I should do or places I should eat in San Diego, send them my way.     Thank you for joining me on this new adventure.   

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