Meet Traveler in the Kitchen

Welcome to Traveler in the Kitchen!

Now with giant cotton candy!

My name is Jenni and I'm passionate about travel and food.    Since I spend more time in my kitchen than I do traveling (that whole working for a living thing, and all), I've been experimenting with new recipes and food photography.   For the past few years I've been blogging about travel and life adventures on Traveler for Good.   Feel free to hop over and visit.

What you might see here:
  • Recipes for breakfast, dinner, desserts,  thank you gifts and/or bribes (what? no lunch?  I get free lunch where I work)
  • Restaurants I visit
  • The World of Food:  Whenever I travel, trying new things is always the highlight
  • Thoughts on nutrition...not that I always eat the "streamlined" diet that I should
I moved from Denver to Maui in 2013 and then from Maui to San Diego in 2016.  I'm always looking for restaurant and activity recommendations.  If you've got them, share them here, on Facebook or via email at travelerforgood (at) gmail (dot) com.

I write this blog for fun and entertainment.

I love to travel, cook, eat and share with others. I pay for my own vacations, meals, and groceries and share my opinions and commentary as I see fit.  If I were to receive something for free (it's happened a few times at restaurants), I will disclose it. Most of the pictures I post are my own, and I give credit / links back to photos that are not mine.

That's it. Thanks for traveling with me!
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