Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meanwhile....(in pictures)

Where has the last month gone?   I feel like it was just the 4th of July and the all of the sudden we are halfway through September.     

Since my last post all this has happened.....

First time golfing in forever (forever, ever...yes that long)

Snorkeling selfies with my sister

Sushi was consumed with enthusiasm

#100happydays continued 

Adult beverages were served in mason jars

Live music!

Looking for ghosts

All the mountain vistas

This hamburger

These beautiful Wisconsin cheese curds

The gift of this amazing towel

Sipping Leinie's on the deck "up north"

And now?   I'm done with vacation until November and we've got a weight loss challenge going  down at work.    So stick with me and hopefully I'll be trying out some healthy choices and saving things stuffed with Nutella and/or Bacon until later this fall.

Meanwhile....what's going on in your world?
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