Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Tale of Danish Pastry

This is delicious - however, this is NOT a Kringle

In February 2011 there was a mysterious box on my front doorstep.   
Why was it there? 
Who was it from?  

Upon closer inspection the box read O & H Danish Bakery.  
I only know of one kind of Danish pastry.

Could it be?  Was someone sending me a Kringle?   

It was, in fact, a belated birthday Kringle.   Two Kringles, in fact.  Including my favorite kind: raspberry.    This cemented a long distance relationship with the O & H Danish Bakery.   I friended them on Facebook.   I tried to win their free Kringle contest.  The catalog of new Kringle flavors would appear in the mail.   I hoped a birthday Kringle would magically appear on my half  birthday too.  

Growing up in southern Wisconsin, Kringles were available in the bakery section of the grocery store.   Back in the day the Danes settled in southern Wisconsin, including Racine.    In fact, most Kringles you find now are labeled as Racine Kringle.  
What is a Kringle?    It is an oval ring of awesome pastry - usually with a filling inside and a light white frosting on top.   
This is a Kringle!   Almond Macaroon

Driving from Milwaukee to the Chicago suburbs a few weeks ago, I saw the sign.   A giant billboard advertising O&H.    I knew I would have to stop.    In fact I stopped twice.   Once on the way to Illinois for the chocolate dipped elephant ear stuffed with Bavarian cream.    Once on the way back to Wisconsin to pick up a selection of Kringles for eating and gifting.    

Oh Racine Kringle....why do you have to be 906 miles away?



Paul said...

LOVE your comment on our beloved kringle. Check out this short video featuring Eric Olesen of O&H.

It's on the YouTube channel of Real Racine - Racine County's convention and visitors bureau.

Come visit in 2013.

Paul Holley
Marketing Director
Real Racine

Jenni said...

That video clip was great! Kringles really are happiness.

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