Wednesday, August 29, 2012

24 Diner - Austin, TX

There was a LOT of food during my 48 hour visit to Austin.   Our late dinner on Saturday was at the 24 Diner in downtown Austin.   The food was delicious...sadly my eyes were bigger than my stomach.
The Roasted Banana and Brown Sugar milkshake was scrumptious.    I had never seen that flavor combination before, but to me it was like Bananas Foster in a cup!    We shared the baked ricotta, and I should have stopped there.   By the time my corn fritters arrived I was full.    My friend had the lamb burger and she was in the same boat.   Two bites in and she was done too.
However, we packed those leftovers right up and when we got back to the house we created a little picnic platter for her parents, which they enjoyed while sitting on a carpet and watching a special Ramadan "soap opera" (for lack of a better word) online.   

Austin has a great food culture.   I need to stay longer next time so that I can eat more!

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