Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mouse's Chocolates and Coffee - Ouray, CO

I love Colorado mountain towns.   The views are great and I feel completely justified in indulging in a treat.   There must be an unwritten small mountain town rule that some kind of delicious sweet shop must exist.   Two favorites come to mind:  Grandma's Mountain Cookies in Estes Park and the Georgetown Valley Candy Company in Georgetown.   
A few weeks ago, I made my first trip to the western part of the state.   Usually I get as far as Beaver Creek during ski season and not a mile further.    It was a about time that I kept pushing onward.
Ouray is a beautiful little town in a skinny mountain valley - about 1/2 mile wide.   I can't say no to browsing chocolate shops, though I don't always buy.    But this time I couldn't resist.  My two sweet treats?  A marzipan mouse and a scrap cookie.  
The mouse is self-explanatory.   Marzipan (delicious almond paste) formed into a mouse-like shape, coated in chocolate with a tail and ears.    Based on my one time visit, the scrap cookies are the big hit at Mouse's.   They bake cookies every day using the scraps from their candy making.   Chunks of chocolate.  Caramel.  Nuts.  Dried fruit.    They are soft and full of goodness.  
I wish Mouse's wasn't a 5+ hour drive away from Denver.
Fun fact:  When I got home I logged on to Trip Advisor to write a review.   Mouse's is ranked #1 of the 22 restaurants in Ouray.  Pretty awesome for a candy and coffee shop! 

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