Monday, July 9, 2012

The Rock - Highlands Ranch

Think back.

How long has it been since you drank out of a bucket?    

Depending on your age and lifestyle choices your answer might be last night.   It could be college.   It could be never.   In my case, it was on the island of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand in the spring of 2009.   See how vivid memories can be?

A group of friends went to The Rock to celebrate a milestone birthday.   Not mine, in case you're wondering.    I've already passed this one.    I had never been there before.   It's a rock and roll themed restaurant that serves wood-fired pizzas.   The food and drinks were really tasty.   I had "The Bucket" (see if you can guess which one that is?), Rock Chips and the Bat out of Hell pizza.

Our running joke was the fake graffiti on the wall proclaiming "Highlands Ranch Rocks."   It's Highlands Ranch.   The ultimate suburb of approved paint colors.   I don't know if H.R. rocks, but the food does.

Quick advice:  They don't take reservations on the weekend.   As a party of ten we had to wait a while for our table. 


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