Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Inventing Room Denver = My First Handcrafted Donut

My first exposure to Denver's Inventing Room came when I tried a liquid nitrogen ice cream sandwich two summers ago.   Last week I started seeing pictures of crazy delicious looking donuts on their Facebook page.  

This week they had a little "pop-up" donut and coffee stand at Table 6.   Since I happened to be driving to work (normally I take the train and then this sadly would not be on the way), what was the harm in taking a little detour?  

A little coconuty, creamy, chocolatey detour.   Made to order.

A delicious detour that was the envy of my co-workers in our employee cafeteria.  

A detour so sinful I shared it with a friend. 

If this "pop-up" pops up again, you'd better go.  

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