Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What the Heck is Wheatgrass?

My trainer thinks that wheatgrass is the answer.  I woke with a bit of a cold on Monday and when I was complaining 12 hours later at the gym his solution was "get ye to Jamba Juice for a shot of wheatgrass."
Now if I am going to spend money at Jamba,  I would prefer 16oz of fruity deliciousness.   Spending $2.09 on grass crushed to a pulp, strained through a teapot, and poured in all its green glory into a small plastic cup a la cough syrup, seems like a waste of money.   But I took my shot like a champion, enjoyed my orange wedge chaser, and went home.

Immediately I Googled it to find out if it was miracle cure or a giant scam to get adults to pay for what they could do in their backyard for free.  Seriously.  Mow the lawn and sip the clip.
What did I learn?   It hasn't really been studied.  There really are more pressing issues in the world of medicine than wheatgrass.   It does have vitamins.  It does have antioxidants. 

My cold has pretty much gone away. 
Am I on the wheatgrass wagon? 
Not yet.

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