Saturday, July 6, 2013

Instant Party: Just add chocolate and sprinkles!

I've been loving this Fourth of July holiday weekend.    For me it was a three day weekend, with a random day of work thrown in on Friday.   At least it was a shorter day.    And there is still one day left!  

On both Thursday and Friday, I went to visit friends and join in the backyard BBQ fun.   My contribution?   America: dessert style.   You can't go wrong dipping things in chocolate and then adding sprinkles for extra flair.    Obviously this holiday calls for red, white and blue.     Strawberries, cookies and pretzels are ideal candidates for "instant party."   Start to finish in under 20 minutes, run out the door and then sit in the sun and enjoy.   Probably while you are stuffing your face with burgers, deviled eggs, whiskey slush, summerbrew, salad, pepperoni rolls and ridiculous brownies stuffed with peanut butter cups.

Long live the holiday weekend!

What's your go-to dish for a summer picnic or BBQ?

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