Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wasabi Grilled Cheese French Toastwich

One of the food blogs that I like to read is the Smart Cookie Cooks.   The author loves a grocery store called Wegman's and periodically makes a run to that particular store that is about an hour from where she lives and then documents all the great things that she found.  

That's kind of how I feel about Trader Joe's.   The closest one is in New Mexico.    And that's not close.   Not remotely a day trip.   When I'm visiting friends and family in the Chicago suburbs, I try to hit the TJ.    When I'm out in California, I do the same.

Trader Joe's is officially coming to Colorado and we will have two stores later this year.   Yay! 

For Christmas, I asked Santa for a couple TJ treats, including Wasabi mayo, Island Soyaki and Thai basil and chili cashews.   You know Santa is a foodie when he comes through with a jar of mayo in your stocking.    

I've made a sweet french toastwich before, but I was intrigued with what kind of breakfast sandwich I could make using the wasabi mayo.   How about grilled cheese?    I made a grilled cheese sandwich with wheat bread, munster cheese and wasabi mayo and put it on the griddle to get the bread toasty and the cheese warm.   Then I dipped it in egg and skim milk and put it back on the griddle. 

The finished product?  Gooey grilled cheese with a real kick!

Do you have a favorite food store?  What is it and why?


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