Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duffey Roll Cafe - Denver

I love going out for breakfast and brunch and wish I had enough mornings to do it in.   Work interferes with that....just a bit. 
Today I met up with two good friends and had lunch at the Duffey Roll Cafe right by the Louisiana Pearl light rail station.    The breakfast sandwich (the Bakin Sun in my case) came with a mini roll.   My latte also came with a mini roll.   I got to try both the Irish Cream roll in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and also the orange roll. 
The sandwich, rolls and coffee were all delicious and the company made it even more so.  
I guess I have no more excuses saying that work interferes with my breakfasting.    I ride the train every morning and it goes right by Louisiana Pearl.    I could give myself an extra half hour and stop in. 
Let's see if I can successfully get out of bed and make that happen.
Have you had a Duffey Roll?

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