Saturday, March 17, 2012

French Toastwich

A few weeks ago I picked up the Peach Amaretto Pecan whipped honey in Georgetown, CO at Kneisel & Anderson.    Honeyville is a Colorado product and my previous purchase, Maple Hazelnut, was very tasty.   I'm not really a breakfast toast person.  I knew I wouldn't be spreading honey on bread daily.   So it's a little of an impulse buy.  My solution?  Create a honey cream cheese filling and enjoy a lazy Saturday French Toastwich.

My goal was to use up a partial loaf of french bread, so I sliced the bread, and then sliced the slices in half to make somewhat even sized pieces of french toast that could be put together sandwich style.    I don't have a particular recipe or technique for french toast.   I whisked 2 eggs, 1/3-1/2 cup skim milk, a splash of vanilla, and some orange zest. 

My filling was 2 oz of reduced fat cream cheese and 1/4 cup of the Peach Amaretto Pecan honey mixed together.

I dipped my little sandwich slices into the egg mixture and then cooked them on my non-stick griddle.    When they were almost done, I spooned some filling on top of one piece of toast and put the other piece on top, while on the griddle  I pressed down with the spatula, let it cook a little more and flipped it over one more time.  

They were small little hand-held french toastwiches filled with awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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