Friday, March 9, 2012

Denver Restaurant Week #2: La Fondue

Hard to believe that I actually went out to eat and did not take pictures of my food.  I must have been too busy laughing.  Or drinking wine.  Or taking fierce action with my blue tipped fondue forks.   Restaurant week in Denver is so popular that it lasts two weeks, one just isn't enough.  Sadly for unsuspecting visitors during this time, it's really hard for them to get restaurant reservations.   But enough about them....

I gave two friends who moved recently to Denver the challenge to pick a restaurant (out of the 300 or so restaurant week options) to try out.    I've been to La Fondue before and was happy to go again.   During restaurant week all the restaurants offer menus for $52.80 for two.  It was a great value here - with a table of 5 we had two burners and were able to enjoy both cheese fondue options, a choice of salad, both entree fondue cooking sauce options, and milk and dark chocolate fondue.    Did I mention the two bottles of wine?   And house-made cheesecake to dip in chocolate?   I love to go to eat with friends who thoroughly enjoy the company and the food. 

It was weekend fun on a work night.   Cheers!

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