Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Glorious Soups of Southeast Asia

From mid-January to mid-February I took an extended vacation.   My co-workers called it a sabbatical, probably because it felt like forever for them.   For me, I could have traveled even longer and still been full of joy. 

And soup.    Let's be honest.  I would be full of soup.

I didn't have the proper appreciation for Phở and it's cousins prior to this trip.    I do now.

Here were just a few bowls of glorious soup that I enjoyed in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.    Often at breakfast.   Sometimes with a mimosa.  Because that's how vacation soup rolls.  

First bowl of Phở in Hanoi

Soup aboard the Indochina Sails in Ha Long Bay

Breakfast soup with a watermelon mimosa in Siem Reap

Breakfast soup in Luang Prabang

Do you love soup?    What's your favorite?
Have you discovered or rediscovered a favorite food while traveling?  

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