Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Eating In Hungary

Vegetables are fun in Hungary

Happy November!

One of my favorite things about travel is enjoying new and different foods.   Earlier this fall, I went to visit a friend living in Téglás, Hungary before meeting up with my mom in Budapest.  We went to the Cabbage Festival in Hajdúhadház and my friends had me get something from all the food vendors. Best way ever to enjoy the local flavors.    If you're heading to Hungary, here are some of the things you might get to try!  

Team Cabbage Fest

Defined as a "spit cake."  Don't let it deter you.  It's a yeast dough wrapped around a wooden spit and roasted over charcoal.   This one had cinnamon and sugar on it...yum!  

Potato Pancake
Cooked in a pan over a small fire at the festival.   
Plus, I got to pose with these party pants.

Cabbage Rolls
Cabbage rolls with sour cream and also cabbage and pork.  
What would a cabbage festival be without it?

Apple Strudel
Pastry all the days of my life.   Please.

LángosFry bread with sour cream, garlic and cheese.   The ultimate fair food.

This cappuccino was especially cute.   Coffee is often strong in a small cup.   
I need my Nescafe fully diluted. 

Sausages and Pickled Vegetables
The Wisconsin in me loves a sausage on the grill.   Sausage, bread, and big pickles for a solid lunch.
Peppers and pickles stuffed with cabbage from the grocery or deli are also a hit.

School Lunch
When was the last time you had school lunch?    I went to school with my friend, a teacher, and enjoyed a filling lunch.    If you think this looks like soup with soup?   You're right.

Fruit Soup
Why isn't there more fruit soup in life? 

Do you have a favorite Hungarian food?    Where have your food travels taken you recently? 

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