Monday, August 4, 2014

Hawaiian Pineapple Margaritas

Last week I had a margarita.

The end.

Great story, wasn't it?   Actually, the margarita was after our super long hike through the crater at Haleakala National Park.   I can't even say there is a technical name for the super long hike, because it's a couple trails put together, where you park one car at the summit and take the Sliding Sands trail past Holua Cabin to the Halemau'u trail head where you park the other car.    So you need at least two cars, meaning at least 2 people.   Would you really want to hike 11.5 miles through a volcano by yourself? 

Our intrepid hiking crew

The endangered Haleakala Silversword blooming in the crater

Anyway....after our hike, we stopped for lunch in Paia at Millagros where margarita happy hour was happening on the patio.    Li hing mui margaritas weren't on happy hour, but our server graciously had the bartender rim our regular margs with li hing mui powder and then, because we couldn't get enough, she brought a shaker to the table.

What is li hing mui?   It's a salty dried plum.   I had never had it, nor heard of it, before moving to Hawaii.   In powder form, it's popular to put on shave ice, candy, and fruit.    I bought some this week for the purpose of making cocktails.    Living in Hawaii, a pineapple margarita seemed in order.

What You Need

6-8 one inch cubes of fresh pineapple
1 cup pineapple juice
1-2 shots of tequila,  I used Sauza Gold
8 large ice cubes

li hing mui powder to rim the glass
pineapple for garnish

What You Do

To rim your glass, run a slice of pineapple along the top over the glass to give the powder something to stick onto.   Turn the glass upside down into a dish of li hing mui powder.  

Combine the pineapple, juice, tequila, and ice in the blender.   Use the blend (or ice crush)  setting until smooth.   Pineapple tends to froth up, so it will look very light and airy.   

Pour the margaritas into your glasses.     
This recipe makes 2 servings, depending on the size of your glassware.

What's your favorite type of margarita?

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