Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Traveler Without a Kitchen

Aloha from Paradise!

I've been in Maui for a little over two weeks now.   I'm living in the hotel while I look for a permanent place to rent.   The housing situation in Maui is a little crazy - especially on the west side of the island where I work.    It's certainly not like a major metro area where you can throw a rock and hit another apartment complex.  
Here you throw a rock and hit....the ocean.
But there are some trade-offs.   Like this kind of view:

Postcard worthy sunset last Friday!
When I'm on a traditional vacation, I don't mind staying in a hotel and being kitchen-less.  But I'm not on vacation.   I feel in a weird state of working-vacation-ness.    I go to work and take the elevator home.   Go to the gym.   Swim in the pool.   Eat in the hotel restaurants.   And sometimes I watch Duck Dynasty.  Because there's cable.  And if I'm here much longer, the Lifetime and ABC Family Christmas movies will be on every night. 
I will get sucked in.
And I digress.
I miss having my own place. 
Specifically my own kitchen. 
But I'm not wasting away.   
In fact - eating out all the time is hard on the waistline. 

A few paradise eats....

There is a PIE shop on the side of the road.
Leoda's to be exact.    Chocolate Macadamia?  Oh yes.
And ahi poke  
And beautiful, beautiful sushi
Not pictured?   The granola bars I'm eating for breakfast with the hotel room coffee. 
Some things aren't worth sharing.

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