Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parallel Seventeen - Denver

My quest to eat my way through Denver never ends.   


Last week, my sister and I had the chance to sample our way through the menu at Parallel Seventeen, a Vietnamese restaurant on 17th Avenue.     17th Avenue is a great place to eat in general.  So many restaurants and bars - most with outdoor patios that are open most of the year (let's hear it for the oft-touted 300+ days of sunshine!).   

P17 has a great happy hour - all night on Monday (when we were there), and 3-6pm the rest of the week.   Any happy hour that includes caramel corn and cotton candy is very happy indeed.    

Grab your fork or chopsticks and enjoy!
Happy Hour MUST start with cocktails.
Left:  Luce del Sole  Right: Cucumber Basil Martini
A quick tribute to amazing calamari.    I don't usually order calamari.   Why?   It's usually bland fried tentacles with a random dipping sauce.   This ginger and coconut calamari was in a league of its own.   Bring on the apple, jalapeno and sweet chili sauce.   Colors and Flavor - oh my!

Calamari of Joy
And then we just kept eating....

Happy Hour Steamed Pork Bun with Kimchee
I had to google Togarashi so that I knew exactly what was making the caramel corn so addictive.   It's chili pepper.   Chili caramel corn.   No wonder!

We also tried the white asparagus flat bread and a tuna taco.

And then things got bizarre.

There are three things on the menu that were featured on Bizarre Foods America .   Naturally we had to try a few.    Check out the picture on the far right below.   Two bizarre foods together in one moment:   Jellyfish Salad and the Sake Cavititni.    

Popcorn,  Flatbread,  Tuna Taco,  Jellyfish Salad
I must confess:  I have more than one sweet tooth.  
It's more like sweet teeth.   A perfect reason to have some Vietnamese coffee and the dessert sampler.

I've only got one thing to say.
Lemongrass cotton candy as big as my head.  

Our server told us that the cinnamon cotton candy was delicious.   Next time I go, I'll have to try it.   And since cotton candy is on happy hour, you might as well have more than one.  As for me, it will always be the lemongrass.    What good is willpower anyway?

Cotton Candy (!)
Banana Spring Rolls, Creme Brulee, Beignets 

 And there you have it.    We didn't even make it to the entree section of the menu because we were so consumed by small plates, jellyfish and cotton candy.    

To plan a Vietnamese dinner adventure for yourself at P17, check out their menu here.

A big thank you to the team at Parallel Seventeen for hosting us for dinner and letting us try all the amazing things pictured above.    My new found love of calamari and lemongrass cotton candy is all your doing! 

Photo credits:  Thank you to my sister Heather who helped document this dinner in pictures.  They say that people "eat with their eyes" and there is definitely truth to that....just looking at these photos makes me want to go out to P17 again.   

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