Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nutella and Cookie Butter Fake Crepes

We have a free employee cafeteria at work.    Free food is great for the budget.   I don't have to pay for coffee.   For soda.   For a bagel.  Or lunch.   Now, like any buffet, there are things that you like and things you don't.   Some days you look at the menu and say to yourself, "now what?" 

We become cafeteria creative.   For some it's the salad.  Or the panini grill.  My standby?  Buffalo-ing something.   There is always hot sauce, blue cheese, and sliced chicken.    Pasta?   Buffalo Chicken Pasta.    Bagel?   Buffalo Chicken Bagel. 

One of the recent suggestions for the cafeteria was to offer tortillas every day.  

Last week when going through the line, I saw a jar of Nutella.    We don't have Nutella every day, so this sparked conversation at our table:  What is the best vehicle to get Nutella into your mouth?   A spoon will work.   So will a piece of toast.    And then SB (to protect his innocence) said that at home he grills flour tortillas with Nutella inside.   

Brilliant.   A fake crepe.   You can put Nutella and other accompaniments inside a folded flour tortilla and put it on the griddle.   No mess.  No batter.   Just you and Nutella, less than 3 minutes away from happiness.

What else could I do when I got home from work, but try it myself.    Nutella, Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter (carried over state lines in a red Dodge Avenger), and strawberries.     Spread Nutella on one half of the tortilla.   Spread cookie butter on the other side.   Put sliced strawberries over the Nutella.   Fold the tortilla in half.   Put on the hot griddle until the Nutella and cookie butter start to melt.  Slice and enjoy.

I can only hope that every day tortillas make it into our cafeteria.   Then we can go crazy with Nutella and the panini grill.  

What do you think of the fake crepe?  What's your favorite vehicle to enjoy Nutella?

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