Friday, April 12, 2013

Three Happy Hours in Three Days

Happy Hour might be a little counter intuitive when we have a weight loss contest going on at work, but I look at it is as sharing.    How much trouble can I get into when I share tapas, white bean dip, or even a creme brulee.  

Not much.  

Last week, I went three for three.    And all three restaurants were new to me.    I love to try new places.  Even better, we had patio weather each day.    That was before the heavily hyped snowpocaplyse that wasn't

Being caught in the moment and trying not to be that person who can't leave their phone in their purse, I didn't take pictures of everything, but I will tell you what we had and why it was delicious.

Wednesday at Row 14
$5 wine and select apps.   We had the beef and goat cheese empanadas and the white bean dip.     And we couldn't resist the coffee creme brulee.   There's something about sugar and a blowtorch that is simply irresistible.

Thursday at The 9th Door
They have all kinds of cocktails and tapas during happy hour.   I can't actually tell you what we had, since I wasn't in charge of ordering.    Just know that it was all delicious.   Note to self - tapas and cocktails, even at happy hour, can add up.   Good thing it was also our dinner. 

Pintxos San Sebastian

Friday at Jonesy's EatBar
We were past Happy Hour O'Clock by the time we got to Jonesy's.     They advertise their world famous fries.   They are pretty damn good.   We shared the Bacon Mac & Cheese fries and the Truffle fries.    My partners in crime all tried different kinds of sliders.   I had killer Nepalese Samosas.  

And there you have it.   And these three don't even touch all the endless possibilities that are within walking distance in downtown Denver.   

Don't worry.  Be happy (hour).

Do you have a favorite happy hour spot?   Where is it?  Why do you love it?

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