Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Eggs - Denver

I wish there was more time for brunching.  
Brunching by (my) definition:  Sleeping in and then meeting friends for breakfast, lunch and/or cocktails.    If only there were more days off in a week.  Sigh.
Our new brunch find this past week was Wild Eggs.     Two of us had the Kalamatie Katie's Benedict, and one had the breakfast nachos.   We also tried a piece of french toast.  
And a pancake.   We really had to.  
The restaurant is also running a contest here in Denver and each of their four restaurants will have a winner who orders the 4 millionth egg.   The person who does wins breakfast for a year.   The host said they think it will happen in the next month.   
How awesome would that be?    
Seriously.  I can't wait to go to brunch again.   Is is the weekend yet?

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