Sunday, November 18, 2012

Playing with Your Food: Thanksgiving

Yesterday my sister and I went to a Friendsgiving dinner.     The co-hosts took care of the turkey, mashed potatoes and pie.   Everything else was up for grabs.

My sister had found pictures of these cookie turkeys on facebook and we traced our way back to the original sites that published the recipes - and step by step instructions on how to assemble these awesome treats.

Nutter Butter Turkeys:  7th House on the Left
Oreo Turkeys:  Our Best Bites

The authors of both these recipes were very specific about using cookie icing and it really helped to hold these top heavy birds together.    You can decorate faces and feet however you want.

Cookie Turkeys are Expensive:  When you're using brand name convenience foods like double stuff Oreos, Nutter Butters, Reese's cups, Nabisco Chocolate Wafers, and more, your grocery bill adds up fast.    You walk away from the grocery store thinking, "wow...all this food and I still have nothing to eat for dinner."  

Mind Readers:   Another friend who was going to the same party also made the Oreo turkeys.    Of all the things in the universe you could take to a Thanksgiving potluck, what are the odds that two friends who didn't plan this in advance would make the same treat?

Friendsgiving:  It's all the good things about Thanksgiving...without the family drama or the football.   Everyone brings their favorite dish, you drink some wine, and enjoy the best possible company.   I'm hoping this becomes an annual tradition. 

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