Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mediterranean Turkey Panini

A Foreman grill is the lazy girls solution to a quick lunch or dinner.   You can always find them for sale at Goodwill or ARC in their kitchen appliance section.   Use it as long as you want and when you move or grow out of it donate it back again. 

This sandwich is great and only takes about 5 minutes - and that's assembly and cooking time combined.  

What You Need

Bread.   Your choice of french bread (which is what I used), or ciabatta, or even sandwich thins.
Marinara Sauce
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Artichoke Hearts.   You can buy just what you need from the olive bar if your grocery store has one in the deli, or buy a jar or can.
Deli sliced turkey

Everything in this sandwich is to taste.   Use enough sauce, cheese, turkey and artichokes to make you happy.

What You Do

Plug in your Foreman grill to warm up.   Spread marinara sauce on two pieces of bread.   On the bottom piece, layer artichoke hearts, cheese, turkey and maybe a little more cheese.   Put the top slice of bread on (with the marinara facing down, please) and press together.   Put it on the grill.   Push down hard on the lid so that you sandwich is smooshed (this is a technical term) to panini thinness.    Cook 2-4 minutes until cheese is melted and turkey is warmed through.

That's all.  It's time to eat. 

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