Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacation in a Cup

Sometime, back in 2005, say,  I started to drink coffee.   Coffee, as in something more than a frappuccino.   Now, regardless of what my trainer says, I will not drink just black coffee, or black coffee with skim milk.   I need a little something.  Sugar.  Syrup.  Something.   

I remember going out to breakfast with my grandma and ordering coffee.   She was shocked.   Never in my life had she seen me drink coffee.  Somehow I got through college, the prime coffee addiction years, without picking up the habit.   I wouldn't say I'm addicted.   I don't drink coffee every day.   But I do enjoy it.   Especially the social side of coffee.   Chatting with a friend over breakfast or dessert.   Walking out of my office, and out of the building, for a break.  

Cappuccinos to me are a special occasion drink.   I want to drink it in a real cup.   You can't adequately enjoy it in a paper cup with a lid.   You need to see it.  Smell it.  Savor it.   It's a vacation in a cup.  Even if you aren't anyplace exotic. 

I just returned from a two week vacation to Greece and Turkey.    Almost every day I took a coffee break.   Cappuccino A (top) was on the ferry from Athens to Mykonos.   The little chocolate chip cookie on the side was an unexpected, but delicious, treat.  Being in the land of baklava and its cousins, you know.  Cappuccino B (bottom) was at a cafe across from the Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete.   We had some free time for shopping or a snack before getting on the bus to go back to the cruise ship.   I didn't need any souvenirs.  

I needed to sit in the sun at a cafe and enjoy some relaxing vacation in a cup.

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